Eyebrow threading as known by many people is an ancient technique used to remove hair from your eyebrow. Most women in Asia and the Middle East like threading and it has now spread to other parts worldwide. Considered by many people as the best alternative to tweezing and waxing, how much do you know about eyebrow threading? Here are five things no one ever told you about eyebrow threading.

It does not hurt that much

Getting hurt or feeling pain during a procedure is one factor that holds many from it. Same as threading, people fear that threading is painful, but threading an unusual sensation, but not painful. If you are scared or super-nervous, ask brow experts and a threading tech. You can also try it on the back of your hand first before the threading process. Once you experience it at the back of your hand, you will do it because it is not painful.

It is better than waxing

Yes, threading is a superior option that waxing, tweezing or sugaring. Recently, salons have experienced an increase in threading clients because people have come to the realization that threading involves less discomfort and eliminates any changes of wax coming in contact with your skin. The hair is removed from the roots which mean less of grow-back factor which saves you time and money,

You get defined brows

Threading allows for total control over the hair you want removed and the one not to be removed. It teases even the finniest hair out of its follicle and makes sure no half grown hair is left behind. Threading also allows you to get precise with shaping. An eyebrow profession can thread a line at a time to give you a well-defined brow.

Save it for your facial hair alone

Because of threading precision, it is a perfect solution for facial hair removals like eyebrows and sideburns. It is not a good option for other body parts because it will take hours to do so… laser or waxing are the better options for other body parts.

Maintenance is easy

Threading tackle half grown hair and even the tiniest hairs. This mean threading can remove all unwanted hairs at once grabbing out the partly-grown and shorter follicles. Because of this, your eye blows hair will grow all at once, meaning you won’t to stop for touch-ups every week. In general, threading is the best way of reshaping and maintaining your eye blows.