Chinese Herb: Turmeric – Various Ailments That Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Heal

A beautiful yellow-orange spice, the turmeric has been an integral part of ancient traditional Chinese medicine as well as Indian medicine. It is attributed with several therapeutic properties. In Chinese medicine, it is called as the herb Yu Jin and believed to heal the stomach and the spleen. Entering into the lung, heart, liver and gall bladder meridians, the herb invigorates blood as well as eliminates all stagnation from the body. It is considered as a spicy, bitter and cold herb. According to the Chinese healing theory, warming foods like turmeric heal and nourish the body such that the entire organs and body functions operate smoothly.

Major actions of the Chinese herb, turmeric

Some of the major actions for which this wonderful herb is used in Chinese medicine are –

  • Move blood and Qi stagnation – The herb is touted to be especially effective in moving the stagnant blood and Qi. This helps enormously in relieving any kind of pains and aches in the body. It is wonderful for healing hypochondriac pain, dealing with irregular menses and pre-menstrual pain, traumatic injuries, dysmenorrheal etc. The herb is especially good for treating liver cirrhosis, enlarged liver as well as spleen.
  • Eliminate heat blocks to cool blood – It can cool any heat blocks which lead to the cooling of the blood in various conditions like epistaxis including one during menstruation, hematemesis and hematuria. It can help in healing both internal as well as external bleeding.
  • Clear the heart, open orifices – Yu Jin or turmeric is considered an important herb to treat various mental diseases as well. All mental disturbances or Shen disturbances which arise due to Damp, Phlegm and Heat in the heart would lead to multiple symptoms like disorientation, mania, epilepsy, anxiety and agitation and even seizures and derangement. It has given very effective results.
  • Treats jaundice and gall bladder diseases – because of the herb’s ability to heal Damp as well as Heat, it is considered as an excellent medicine to treat jaundice as well as in eliminating stones from the gall bladder.

Contradictions and cautions with Yu Jin

According to Chinese medicine, this herb should be used with caution during pregnancy. It must not be used on patients who do not have any Qi or blood stagnation. It is also recommended, not to use it on patients with Yin deficiency.

Till now, the herb has not shown any toxicity or any adverse effect due to any overdose.  The Chinese medicine advises making it a part of your diet.

Various Ailments That Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help Heal

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Western Australia and acupuncture Perth differ from western medicine and therapies in its approach and way of treatment. Unlike the western, it adopts a holistic approach and tries to heal the disease right from its roots. It does not look exclusively into the disease’s symptoms but also takes into account, the patient’s diet, lifestyle, kind of work, family life, emotional state, and various other factors. With this interdependent and mutually interactive approach, the healing that comes about is almost miraculous. Let’s look at some of the diseases which can be well healed by Chinese medicine.


Pre-menstrual symptoms and pain is perhaps the most prevalent female disease. The discomfort level that any female experiences at this time is truly daunting. The success ratio of treating this with Chinese medicine and acupuncture has been really high. None contradict its effectiveness in this department. Using its herbal medicines and various other techniques, one can find relief from menstrual cramps, headaches, swollen breasts, sudden mood swings and various other associated symptoms.


The stress, over-fatigue, anxiety, night sweats and irritability are just some causes and symptoms that make a person experience insomnia or difficulty in sleeping. Using Chinese medicine, acupuncture points, and its exercises, you will experience sound sleep in a very short span. Its positive impact on your life cannot be touted enough.

Locating the proper acupuncture points can be difficult since there are over 365 points in the body. Identify acupuncture points and their healing benefits with tips from a licensed acupuncturist in this free video about how acupuncture works.

Common Cold and Flu

Despite much advancement, western medicine is yet to come up with a plausible cure for common cold and flu. However, if you try to heal it with TCM, you would be pleasantly surprised with the results. Their effective and success ratio has been so high that many big manufacturers have formulated its over-the-counter products and are minting money via its strategized marketing and selling.


It is not uncommon for us to feel a perpetual sense of fatigue. This can be due to mental stress as well as lack of a well-balanced diet or a combination of both. When you take to TCM, it explores both causes, and with its herbal supplements and various other techniques, it restores your body nutritional as well as mental balance. Consequently, your energy level gets boosted and you find a new spring in your feet and attitude.

Apart from it, TCM can help heal various other problems like all digestive related issues, headaches, and migraines, all kind of mental ailments, etc. It can also effectively take care of different health concerns that you face during or after a workout like stretched or torn ligaments, extra fatigue stiffness, etc. It is a must try treatment.